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Stay Online With An Internet Technician In Sydney

Connecting your home or business to the National Broadband Network (NBN) should usually be undertaken by a retail service provider (RSP). Sometimes, however, it is necessary to contract a third-party technician to do the primary installation or immediate repairs after accidentally severing the data link cable. If this is the case and you are looking for an Internet technician in Sydney, Amazed Electrical will get the job done.

What You Gain Using Amazed Electrical For Internet Installation

As technology advances, it also becomes more involved and complicated. Many factors must be considered to prevent potentially unsolvable problems, such as a network loop that can take days to untangle without the proper testing equipment or dead spots on the Wi-Fi coverage that limits the placement of smart devices to specific locations.

  • We are experienced in installing the primary cable to connect your premises to the nearest NBN point of interconnect. We are licensed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to provide this service, which means that our work in connecting you is approved, authorised and won’t land you in trouble.
  • As registered cablers and by strictly adhering to the requisite guidelines and standards, we may move, remove or alter NBN equipment in residential and small business premises. So, if you plan on remodelling your home and need the Internet access equipment moved to a different location, you definitely should contact us.
  • We are fully versed in the various technologies utilised in connecting to the NBN, whether it is FTTB, FTTC, FTTN or FTTP. We are also experts regarding the installation of the local area network (LAN) in your premises, including Ethernet switches, patch panels, CatX cabling and Wi-Fi access points.

Why You Still Need Telephone Cabling In Sydney

Australia is crisscrossed with old copper cabling installed over the last 100 years for the analogue telephone system connected Bourke to the country. This network is still in operation, as it provides existing access at sufficient speeds to current Internet services. We install and maintain this network for residents and small businesses in the Sydney area.

  • When designing the NBN, one of the key requirements was that it should utilise as much of the existing telecommunications infrastructure as possible to both reduce cost and speed up the overall implementation of the network to existing neighbourhoods. This is achieved using optic fibre to connect the interconnect points and then existing telephone lines to houses and business premises.
  • Where the existing phone cabling is used, the connection functions similar to the previous ADSL connection and allows for the connecting of approved fax machines and telephones through a POTS filter to the NBN as well as retaining existing numbers. Data services are provided through a modem, usually provided by the RSP.
  • We are qualified to install the phone line from the point of interconnecting to the premises, even arranging and supervising the necessary trenching. From there, we install telephone cables to different locations, such as a home office or panic station. Everything is thoroughly tested using the latest equipment to ensure a voice connection free from annoying crackles or dropped data connections.

Benefits of Amazed Electrical As Your Internet Technician

The NBN is fortunately not limited to old copper wires. New residential developments, office parks and industrial complexes benefit from optic fibre cabling right into the building. This is the FTTB and FTTP network technologies in the NBN Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) suite. There is also the hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) cabling connection. When choosing an Internet connectivity installer, it is vital to consider the following benefits you get from Amazed Electrical:

  • We are fully qualified and registered for all the various networking technologies, so won’t be thrown for a loop when your connection is more advanced than usual. We’ll get the NBN wall socket installation done and connect your computers, TVs, and refrigerator to the Internet.
  • We are licensed electrical contractors and fully insured against accidental damage to equipment and premises. You can trust our trained staff always to handle all problems with a professional attitude and quickly determine a positive solution, whether it is fibre optics, coaxial, copper or Wi-Fi.

Amazed Electrical offers customers in the Sydney area a diverse range of electrical services, including everything from NBN cable installation for Internet access to home theatre installation. We also do regular electrical work, such as three-phase power outlets and ceiling fans. We undertake new installations, repairs and upgrades of existing wiring and the testing and fault tracing of electrical systems. All work is done to the highest standard and strictly within the agreed time frame.

Contact us when you require a networking and telephone technician in Sydney.