Data & Network Sydney

When buying new telecommunication or Internet services for your home or business, the most frustrating aspect is the installation. Most telecommunication companies can lead you to believe they have technicians who will install, repair and maintain all the data cabling, but this isn’t always the case.

However, at Amazed Electrical, we can fix this issue fast. As an ACMA licensed electrical business based in Sydney, we have the ability to perform duties on your phone lines or Internet cabling to ensure you are always connected.

We want to take the stress and frustrations out of your telecommunication needs so we offer a range of different services to maintain, repair or install the including:

  • NBN Outlets
  • Data Cabling
  • Data Rack
  • Patch Panel
  • Ethernet Switch
  • POE Switch
  • Ethernet Port
  • Cat5, 6, 6A, 7 Cable
  • RJ45 outlets
  • Data Outlets
  • Smart Wiring
  • WI-FI Access point solutions
  • Install, maintain and repair Phone Lines
  • MDF Jumpering
  • IDF Jumpering
  • NBN Umpiring
  • MDF/IDF Install, maintain and repair
  • Lead in cables

As an ACMA licensed business you can trust we are the professionals in all structured cabling needs.

Want to know what else we can help you with? Check out our services page or give us a call today on 0404 605 400!