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The team at Amazed Electrical are here to help you with all your electrical needs. We are a team made up of fully qualified and certified electricians who understand the importance that every job – big or small – is done safely and securely. Our attention to detail ensures all electrical work is completed to a high standard and we also understand the busy lifestyle we live, so we aim to get our jobs done in a timely manner.

As a leading commercial electrical services business, based in Sydney, we help businesses ensure their properties are fitted with all the electrical equipment needed to fully function. At Amazed Electrical we also work with residential customers to fit out homes, providing a level of service that is second to none.

We can install, repair or maintain any electrical services you may need including:

  • Powerpoints
  • Ceiling fans
  • Strip heaters
  • Stoves and cooktops
  • Switchboards
  • Control gear
  • Motors and pumps
  • Three phase power outlets
  • Smoke alarms
  • Downlights
  • Emergency lights
  • Track lights
  • Outdoor lights
  • Sensor lights
  • High Bay lights

On top of the broad range of services we provide, when it comes to lighting, Amazed Electrical is your go-to business. We help with a huge range of lights and light switches including:

Amazed Electrical is also a member of Master Electrician Australia who is the leading peak body for electrotechnology within Australia. They have a strong commitment to ensuring all businesses are safe, perform high quality work, are reliable and provide the best energy efficient solutions.

Want to know what else we can help you with? Check out our services page or give us a call today on 0404 605 400!

Electricians Sydney

Choose Electricians in Sydney Capable of All You Could Need

Are all electricians in Sydney the same? When you need help with installing, repairing, or upgrading electrical applications, you can quickly discover that the answer is a strong “no.” From businesses that might tell you, “Sorry, we don’t do that,” to teams that don’t have the experience or the tools to carry out the work you need, it can be a very frustrating experience as a client. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for domestic work or a business owner in need of commercial electrical capabilities, that’s true. Making the right choice will have a significant impact on your overall experience

At Amazed Electrical, our service goes a step beyond what you may expect based on past experiences. Our team capably meets all your needs with a broad range of skills, certifications, and experience, from essential electrical services to data and more. Consider why your choice of such an experienced team makes the difference in outcomes and what we can do to keep your home or business fully equipped and up and running.

The Difference Experience Makes When You Need an Electrician in Campbelltown

Electrical work is one arena where the more experience your provider has, the better. Why should you opt for a service that has a proven track record of success and demonstrable experience? When you consider the three key differences that experience could make in your service visit, the answer is clear. Those advantages include:

  • More functional knowledge to use for problem-solving and solution development. By far the biggest advantage, a more established electrician in Parramatta will have extensive capabilities and a more in-depth understanding from seeing and solving so many different concerns over the course of a career.
  • A better customer experience from start to finish is defined by professionalism. It’s not a skill you learn in the classroom or from vocational training, but from years of helping others, having conversations, and learning about clients. Choosing a proven team translates into a better, more personable experience for home and business owners.
  • More service opportunities so you can avoid the need to use more than one business to address your needs. Encountering a situation where you must complete a project in a piecemeal fashion because of a lack of experience and a capable electrician quickly creates frustration — and delays.
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The Benefits of Choosing Us As Your Electrician in Western Sydney

With the importance of experience in mind, what makes Amazed Electrical the best choice for an electrician in the Sydney Inner West region? We bring several essential benefits to the table for our clients, putting our skills on display with every visit. When you engage our team for assistance, you’ll see we stand out in several ways:

  • We possess all the licenses mandated by the law and extensive insurance cover for your peace of mind. Never use unlicensed contractors or tradies, as you have little recourse when something goes wrong due to poor workmanship. By choosing our team, you can place your trust in proven and demonstrable skills.
  • Our friendly service is second to none. From your first point of contact with our team to the service visit and its conclusion, we treat our clients with respect and understanding.
  • We are highly attentive to your needs and requirements, and we make our service flexible enough to fit those needs. Whether you have a very large job that needs doing on a tight timetable or a niche task, we handle all your electrical requirements.

What Else Sets Our Electricians for Liverpool Residents Apart?

We go above and beyond for our clients no matter the size of the job or the urgency of the situation. We always aim to provide you with the five-star experience you deserve — so how do we do that? Any good electrician can show you that they have a license and insurance cover, but not everyone has our team’s assets and skills. Those include:

  • We enjoy an active membership in prestigious trade groups such as Master Electrician Australia. We also hold membership in CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. These memberships aren’t just for show. They reveal our extensive capabilities and the recognition we earned in our trade.
  • We have manufacturer installation accreditation from several key players in technology, including Foxtel, Telco, and ACMA. By investing the time and effort into earning these additional certifications, we demonstrate that we can go even farther for our clients.
  • We emphasise honesty and transparency in our processes. As your Liverpool electrician, we never charge hidden fees or perform work to anything but the highest standards.

Residential Installations We Can Provide As an Electrician Near the Inner West

Amazed Electrical can be your one-stop resource for everything to do with your residential and domestic electrical needs. With a diverse array of service offerings, we cover almost every possible scenario — and when we can’t provide the exact service you need, we can contract the work to a qualified team that can. Some of the most popular residential services we provide are:

  • Upgrades to old wiring and switchboards. Many homes still use some of the original electrical equipment from their construction, not all of which is as safe as today’s materials. We can give you an upgrade for reliability and peace of mind.
  • Electrical goods installation, including new heaters, ceiling fans, power points, and even additional switches for more control options.
  • Smoke alarm installation. Let us help you keep your family safe from fire by correctly installing alarms at appropriate locations.

Signs You May Need Help From a Campbelltown Electrician Now

Should you give us a call to schedule a service visit soon? Sometimes our clients don’t need new installations but repairs instead. However, without an evident and apparent problem, you may not know when you need service — it isn’t all like HVAC equipment, which should receive professional servicing once a year or so. Watch out for the signs that say you may need an electrician:

  • You’re having intermittent electrical problems in the home, but you cannot identify the source of the fault. These frustrating occurrences disrupt your life and prevent you from thoroughly enjoying the property. We’ll dig into the problem, find the issue, and suggest solutions.
  • Your switchboard continually trips particular circuit breakers despite no apparent overload. This could be an issue with the switchboard itself or a fault somewhere else in your wiring. If you encounter this concern, contact our team for a prompt resolution.
  • Sudden surges in your electrical consumption. Can’t make sense of the numbers from the electrical provider? There may be an unseen issue in your electrical systems that needs professional attention.

Commercial Solutions Our Electricians Near Campbelltown Provide

We’re proud to also work as a commercial electrician for Sydney businesses and industrial sites in need of proven experience and a dedication to quality. As with our residential work, we always do jobs correctly the first time, and we’ve stretched our skills to offer a truly vast number of opportunities. When you need commercial electrical work, we can offer services such as:

  • Complete electrical fitouts. Do you have a new office, warehouse, or other commercial location that needs everything from wiring to lighting? No job is too big for us — we’re ready to get to work as soon as you need.
  • Test and tag. Meet compliance requirements with ease and ensure safety throughout the workplace when you request our thorough testing and tagging service.
  • Cabling of all types, from communications to security and more. As your commercial electrician in Liverpool, we can even provide you with regular maintenance on your electrical systems to keep everything in the best working condition possible.

Other Services We Provide As Electricians In the Campbelltown Area

Our skills extend even further into areas such as data, networking, and even security. All these services have associated electrical components, and they often involve many of the same areas as other electrical work. Consider just how far we can go in Campbelltown or Parramatta as your electrician to provide you with everything you need under one roof:

  • Security solutions. Protect your property from unwanted visitors and create a record of what goes on outside around your space with a robust and well-designed security system from our team.
  • Data and networking help. Need more data points for connecting computer equipment, or want to troubleshoot concerns with your NBN outlets? Our experience extends into the realm of data solutions, too, with dozens of different services available.
  • Audiovisual assistance. We can handle tasks such as the safe installation of a wall-mounted television or innovative work in the commercial space. Video walls, projectors, video conferencing and more — you name it, we know how to handle it.

About Amazed Electrical

Initially established in 2017 after a lifetime of fascination with all things electrical, passion for what we do and how we help our customers drives us to do better every day. With many professional certifications and a clear focus on providing the best possible outcomes on every job, we deliver a more valuable, cost-effective, and responsive service as electricians for Inner West Sydney. To make service arrangements or to request a quote, please contact us for help today.