Home Intercom Systems

What You Should Know About Home Intercom Systems

Our home intercom systems transmit data such as voice or imaging through wired and wireless systems. Where wired systems are usually more expensive because it requires a team to install a complete system into the house, it is perfect for long term use. However, for the short term, we do recommend a wireless intercom system.

Benefits of Intercom System

It’s become widespread for apartment intercom systems to become out of date and not work anymore. Everything has become digital, and most people don’t think integrating the old system with new software is possible, or they think it might be too expensive. Ensure you have your intercom repairs done and then merge your old and new systems for maximum security.

  • With these systems, you will enjoy the more accessible screening. You will be able to see or hear your visitors from the inside of your home or business, and you will have the power to allow them in or not. This option will increase your and your employee’s safety.
  • It’s incredibly convenient to monitor who is coming into the building at the push of a button. However, you’d prefer a receptionist who must manage the calls and your appointments to allow access to clients and guests quickly while screening them without leaving the desk.
  • With an intercom system, you can monitor your children or pets much easier. For example, if your house is large or you aren’t home, you will be able to access the intercom system and communicate or see them remotely and make sure they are still safe and unharmed.
  • Security concerns will decrease with an intercom system, especially with a video integration since you will see who is at your door. Furthermore, if you fully understand who you’re allowing inside, you can refuse anybody who looks unfamiliar or suspicious.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for an Intercom Security System

When considering which intercom system to add to your apartment building, we’d suggest being open to permanent and temporary options for your tenants. For example, it might be best to preinstall a building intercom system during the construction to ensure the wiring is already in place; otherwise, you’d have to opt for a temporary method.

  • Wired Systems require installation during the construction process and are a permanent solution. We can also install these systems after construction; however, it might be costly. A wired system is the best option for homeowners, apartment buildings and permanent business structures.
  • Wireless intercoms require frequencies such as radio, Wi-Fi or 4G data connection to communicate. If the frequency is stable, you will have a perfectly long-lasting relationship and will be able to hear clearly. This option is perfect for tenants renting or anybody that loves the idea of being wireless.
  • The carrier-current option works on wires that are already inside the building. If the building is relatively old, the wiring usually is too; we integrate the intercom systems with the wiring that’s already in the building. This option can be cheaper than the wired systems; however, sometimes the communication is not as clear as you would like it to be, especially if the wiring is old. Therefore, we do offer wire replacement at an additional cost.
  • For a more straightforward option, you can choose a mobile connection. This option means your intercom is on your phone via an app, and you can communicate with your clients and visitors through video or audio. However, your data connection will establish the quality of your communication.

What to Consider Before Buying an Intercom System

Apart from the other technical information regarding your intercom system, you have two main options to consider.

  • The first main feature is video. Do you want to see your visitor before entering your premises, or not? The benefit of seeing a visitor includes safety and security. This feature is ideal for the elderly living alone who need to know the person they allow into the property. Video can be important for businesses as well as it will aid with insurance in the case of a robbery or break-in.
  • The next option is audio. This feature doesn’t just include your visitor telling you who they are and why they are there but enables you to answer them. Audio is ideal for parents to communicate with their children or receptionists, making sure who they allow into a building.

Both intercom options are essential to consider and have their own set of benefits.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Security Intercom Systems in Sydney

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