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No longer a nice-to-have, securing your home with an alarm system has become a necessity. To ensure the latest technology, value for money, and exceptional service, consider professional alarm installation in Sydney.

The Benefits of Home Alarm Systems

The advantages of installing an alarm system at your residence are numerous, including:

  • Protection: The primary objective in installing an alarm system and its main benefit is to safeguard your family when at home and your valuables when you’re away. Alarm systems typically sound an alarm when perimeters are breached, serving to scare the intruders away and alert your security company’s control centre to place a call or send a patrol vehicle. In addition, surveys have indicated that in neighbourhoods where many homes display alarm systems and security monitoring, crime tends to decrease. Hence, just the presence of home security systems acts as a powerful deterrent to criminals.
  • Monitoring: New generation security systems don’t just sound alarms and alert control centres; they also frequently provide the option to monitor your home remotely. In other words, you can keep an eye on who’s at home, what they’re doing, what your pets are up to, and importantly, who shouldn’t be there, from wherever you are. Knowing that you can see your home, garden and who’s in the vicinity provides additional peace of mind for many homeowners, especially if the kids or pets are home alone. In addition, some systems offer vital mechanisms for fire or gas alerts.
  • Smart management: Look for a system that also includes innovative home features such as smart thermostats, remote locking and unlocking for when the kids get home, video doorbells to see who’s knocking, the ability to turn specific electric outlets off in case you’ve accidentally left the stove on, and to switch lights on and off when you’re away on holiday.
  • Savings: By installing an alarm system, you can count on a discounted insurance rate, and by having more control over your thermostat, you can achieve savings on your electricity bill.

Hence, your alarm system’s value substantially exceeds the upfront investment and monthly service fee. So, why not find out more about our professional Alarm System Installation services?

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Home Alarm Systems in Sydney

Having an alarm system installed is invaluable; however, it can come with annoyances, such as the disruption during the installation, having to learn codes and arm and disarm as you come and go, and having to put up with false alarms at all sorts of inconvenient times. That’s why having the right system installed by a reliable installation team is crucial.

We stand out from the crowd by offering:

  • Everything electrical: We are a Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED) approved business. Our training, experience and skills position us to assist in installing virtually any system or device. This proficiency includes security monitoring – CCTV and other recorders, cameras, alarms and keypads, sensors, smartphone streaming and remote controls, sirens and strobes. We also manage automation – electronic door locks, lift and door control, access control and card readers; communication systems – audio and video intercoms; battery back-up services, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and more. The only thing we don’t personally do for you is working in extra-high-voltage conditions, such as power lines. However, we can sub-contract this as part of our fee.
  • Trusted certification: Besides being fully insured, we are members of Master Electrician Australia and the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), so you can be sure we align with industry best practices. In addition, we are an Australia Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) approved retested cabler, Telco approved and a Foxtel approved installer. Therefore, you can hire us with the peace of mind that we are well-accredited and certified to perform your installation safely and reliably.
  • Professional work ethic: We go out of our way to exceed our customers’ expectations, based not only on the quality of our work but also on our service and attitude. We’re highly efficient to limit any disruption to you; we work carefully and meticulously to safety standards and always leave the workspace neat and clean. Our communications, quotes, support and advice are consistently honest and transparent to match our friendly approach and demeanour.

You can trust us because we treat every home, business or factory as our own, ensuring you receive the best service and the highest quality security alarm systems.

About Amazed Electrical

We’re a family-owned and run business providing assistance with security advice and installations and general electrical work across residential, commercial and industrial sectors, antenna systems, data, NBN, Internet and audio and visual services.

When you’re ready to up your security and down your insurance payments, contact us for your free, no-obligation quote or for more information on how our installation of security alarms in Sydney can safeguard your family, your property and your valuables.